Our Vision

Juno's vision is to identify early stage technologies that can be developed and commercialized into globally scalable products. We partner with entrepreneurs and work with them step-by-step to shorten time to both domestic and foreign markets, accelerating both cash flow and growth.

One way we do so is by launching first in international markets to prove the products. Our established bases in India allow us to launch products first in foreign markets, allowing our portfolio companies to: 1) generate cash flow, 2) build lean and robust implementation systems to thrive in diverse and cost-sensitive markets, 3) leverage emerging markets’ large population and largely unmet demand for innovative technologies to build large user bases and make iterative product improvements, and 4) adequately plan release in higher-cost markets while jump-starting growth.

We are always looking for entrepreneurs to partner with to introduce scalable, game-changing products and services to global markets. To pitch your technology to us, contact us today.